A basket of pansies

Beautiful pansies and violas (© Huffygirl 2011)

Right now my basket of yellow pansies and blue violas looks great. But its days are numbered. Pansies are cool-weather flowers that do well in spring, fall and early summer. Soon, the hot summer weather will cause these pansies to become leggy and anemic-looking. Once they become sickly looking, they’ll probably end up in the compost bin, as it’s unlikely that they’ll last long enough to make a comeback when the cooler weather arrives. So I’m enjoying them today and hope you do too.

Cheery yellow pansies with blue violas peeking out from behind. (© Huffygirl 2011)

© Huffygirl 2011

12 thoughts on “A basket of pansies

  1. Wow that is so beautiful! I love the way the flowers look in the baskets. I always wanted to do that but then always just use pots because I am afraid the basket will get ruined. Thanks for sharing the pictures – they are lovely!

    • You have to find an old basket that you don’t plan on using for anything else, or buy an inexpensive one at a dollar store. I bought this one at a garage sale, and it has held up pretty well.

  2. Awesome! I definitely will – I actually have tons and tons of baskets! I just wasn’t sure if the basket would make a good pot. Thanks 🙂

    • I always line the basket with a piece of plastic – part of a garbage bag, or even an old grocery store bag will work. You don’t want to use a basket for an indoor plant though, unless you have something underneath it to catch the drips. I hope your baskets turn out!

    • I love gardenias – but have never had much luck here. Maybe I’ll try them again. I think my problem came when I tried to winter one over inside and then replant it in the summer. My other pansies are not doing well in the window boxes where they get west sun, but these yellow ones have held up pretty well in the shade.

  3. wow, the Flowers are so beautiful. I am glad I found you today. Yellow is just in time for the sun and summer time. The summer is such a great time of relaxing with family and friends; they will love your display.

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