I have my own utility pole

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Fellow blogging buddy Todd Pack’s recent tongue in cheek quiz on “Should you have kids?”  reminded me of something I forgot I owned. It’s my own utility pole. Yup. I know you’re jealous. Not everyone has one. Yes, he’s about 8 blocks from my house, so I get to see him as often as I like. These days he’s  taken on a little wear, as he’s now 13 years old. Utility pole years are somewhat like dog years, in that their lifetime is about, oh 30 years, if nothing untoward happens to them. So in those terms, my utility pole is about ready to have a midlife crisis. He may have been a little stressed when recently all the utility poles around him were replaced and he was not. But hey, he’s much younger than the others, so he shouldn’t have been worried. He made the cut. He’s still strong, ready to hold up the power lines for the east side.

The day my utility pole arrived was a big day for him, and for me. The whole east side of town was glad too, as their power had abruptly gone on strike. My utility pole was called up, yanked from the ranks of reserve poles, promoted to  first string, the big leagues. Now a starter utility pole, he was up for the challenge. Hoisted onto  a truck, rushed through town like a visiting dignitary, he got the best of treatment. Then, plopped into the ground, wires attached. Oh how proudly he stood that day. Finally, his time had come. His day was here. “Look at me,” he cried. “I’m ready, locked and loaded, up and at ’em” We were all so proud.

Sigh. Such memories. Thanks Todd for bringing it all back. So, you might ask, “What do I have to do to get my very own utility pole?” Well, first, you need a teenage driver…

8 thoughts on “I have my own utility pole

    • Well, the first thing you have to do is break one that’s currently in use. Then they “let” you buy a new one. Ours was $1,200.00 – 13 years ago.

  1. Thanks for mentioning the quiz, and congratulations on owning an actual utility pole, even if you got it the hard way. Since it’s yours, can you post signs on it without “the man” coming and ripping them down? Could you tie a hammock to it? That would be great, because then, someone would say, “Hey, you can’t do that!” and you could say, “Yes, I can. It’s my pole.” I envy you, huffygirl.

    • Wow, I hardly ever hear anyboy say they envy ME! At the time it happened, owning my own pole did not seem like much fun. But time is healing, and after a little while, it seemed great. So far I’ve underused my utility pole. letting it just languish in its utlitiy role. Hammock- not sure if there’s anything around to tie the other end to. Good idea though.

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