My photo challenge: guess this

Each week WordPress offers bloggers a weekly photo challenge. The great folks at WP suggest a photo challenge theme and bloggers go to work posting amazing photos depicting their interpretation of the theme.

Not this man; we already know this is Steve!

This week, thanks to a suggestion from my climbing guru, Philosopher Steve, I’m giving my readers a photo challenge. Look at the  photo below. Who is the man in the picture? Can you identify anything in the picture – the car or the building behind him? This is truly a mystery photo, even to me, so I’m counting on my readers to help me figure it out.The only clue I have is that the photo was taken in the Chicago area, probably in the early 1940’s.

Post your guesses in comments and I’ll give a shout out to what seems to be the best or most probable answer. Special thanks to Philosopher Steve for a great suggestion. (Do you think he minds being called that?)

Who is this man?

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13 thoughts on “My photo challenge: guess this

  1. I thought Gary Cooper, too–he’s the one I was trying to remember from “Friendly Persuasion.” The thing is–how did Mom get this photo?

  2. well he looks like Gary Cooper alright but that would make it quite an easy task!

    Cann´t think anybody else looking like the gentleman in the picture though!

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  4. GK, here, using Linda’s log-in. Trying to ID the building. The clues I’m looking at are the birch log in the foreground, and the gravel driveway. This leads me to think of the Chicago Lakefront, and the parks, and their facilities. I looked at a site found through Google Images. There is a U-tube clip about the establishment if Lincoln Park. One photo in it shows a building from the lake side that might have a wood exterior, and the driveway could be on the back side. I’m not trying to claim that this is it; I think park buildings along the lake front present a better place to look, as State Street used to intersect nicely with Lakeshore Drive. Maybe Mr. Cooper went there to take a stroll, scout a location, meet a friend. . .?

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