Weekly Photo Challenge: Answer to Round

Old conch shell (© Huffygirl)

This week’s photo challenge of “round” presented a plethora of opportunities. This is an old conch shell that I found on one of the islands in the Florida Keys. It’s actually kind of broken and old-looking, which is probably why no one else had picked it up. It’s had a place among the rocks in my garden for quite a while, so it’s gained even more character since the day I picked it up.

What I like about the shell for representing the theme of “round” is the circular repeating pattern at the top of the shell. This reminds me of another photo I took in the Keys that represents the repeating circular theme.

Lighthouse steps, from the top (© Huffygirl)

© Huffygirl

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Answer to Round

  1. Ah! I’ve never seen a lighthouse except in movies. My country doesn’t have one. I seriously miss it. I think it’s so wonderful. Especially the way it’s pictured on Shutter Island.

    • It’s too bad you’ve never seen one. We have them all over the state here, because of the Great Lakes. You cannot go inside most of them though, unless they are open for tours. Lighthouses are automated now, but years ago, the lighthouse keeper and his family would live at the lighthouse, usually in a house attached to the tower. In some places, the winter would be so bad that the lighthouse keeper and his family would be snowed in for months, usually in a remote area.

      The Great Lakes are pretty powerful. During storms I’ve seen the waves come up almost to the top of the lighthouse tower! In winter, the lighthouse gets coated with icicles from the waves crashing up. I think I’ve got a picture of an ice-coated lighthouse on my “Photo” page.

  2. Beautiful! Very symmetrical!
    The closest to being inside a lighthouse was when we went inside the Statue of Liberty. Same kind of sprial effect, except I think Lady Liberty has a more narrow staircase.


    • Yes, the statue of liberty stairs are alot like being in a lighthouse. I don’t think they let people go up that high in there anymore, as far as I know.

      You’re the second person who commented today who has not been inside a lighthouse. We have them all over here – I’ve been in a lot of them, although the one in the picture is in the Florida Keys. If you get to Michigan, Wisconsin of Florida, you should look for a chance to tour a lighthouse.

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