Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

I pondered for a bit where I could go in my city to get some good photos of lines. Then, I took a trip over to the greenhouse district. Voila – roof lines, cart lines, vertical, horizontal and everything in between. Everything I could want along the theme of lines.

(All photos © Huffygirl)


22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

      • I have looked at a few also and had the same amazement. Human beings, I am convinced, have an endless fount of creativity and imagination. I haven’t done the challenge yet, but all you early birds have got me thinking 🙂

  1. Nice job, especially as a group. I really like the last one; I mistook it for decorative gable edging at first glance.

  2. These photos are fantastic examples of lines we encounter every day but don’t see the beauty in them. Thank you so much for sharing your perspective through your camera lens. Totally awesome.

    I checked out your About page and loved the story about being Huffygirl. Your wellness theme will keep me checking back. So will the chance to view your photos.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you stopped by. I usually do the photos at the end of the week, but you can count on seeing other posts pretty regularly as well. I’ll have one coming up on rotator cuff injury soon along the lines of wellness, and more photos too.

  3. Nice! I’m taking a photography class now, and and I love the assignments: Line, subject placement, vantage point, etc.,…landscapes, next is portraits.
    Photography is fun because it causes us to look differently at the world.

    • It does indeed. I’m starting to want to carry my camera around so I’ll be ready when the photo challenge comes along. I never got to take a photography class in college – too busy taking the required nursing stuff.

  4. A good collection in answer to the challenge of lines. If you enjoyed the lines experience why not check out Ray K. Metzker , he dedicated his photographic life to capturing light and lines. Some beautiful work and plenty of inspiration too.
    Keep up the good work,
    Mark (@bangphotography)

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