This week’s sign of the Apocalypse

Bob 'Hardcore' Holly (Robert Howard) performs ...

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I’ve seem a  lot of signs that the Apocalypse is upon us lately – Obama becoming president, Mubarak resigning in Egypt, 30Rock moved to 10 PM, and airplanes splitting open at 34,000 feet;  you know, typical apocalyptic stuff. But I heard one of the most disturbing today.  WWE, aka World Wrestling “Entertainment” (quotes intentional) has entered into the movie-making  business,  otherwise known as legitimate entertainment.

That’s right – the same folks who brought us “The People’s Elbow” (don’t ask me how I know that), and large violent men in skimpy satin shorts under the guise of “entertainment” now intend to use their talents for good. Well, maybe not that good. Seems as though their first forays into serious cinema have so far not been all that successful. But things may be looking up for WWE with an upcoming film starring mainstream Oscar-nominated actor Ed Harris, opening soon. You can follow the whole story here and see what your favorite “wrestler” is up to in the Coming Soon department.

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10 thoughts on “This week’s sign of the Apocalypse

  1. Didn’t we already cover this in the 80’s or early 90s with Hulk Hogan…was he ever in a Rocky movie or something where he’s fighting someone. Then he had his own cartoon(?) if I recall…and then he had some kind of reality thing later, right?

    I’m not sure, but he was pretty big with my step brother. I think he even had a “stretch-armstrong” version of Hulk if I’m not mistaken.


    • Oh Sandi, I could go on forever about so called “pro wrestlers.” My kids were growing up in the Hulk Hogan era, but I don’t know the characters too much because I did not allow my kids to watch it, despite their protests. I think it was actually the somewhat successful movie career of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who inspired the WWE’s current interest in producing films. Makes a good blog topid though.

    • Well, why not – wrestling IS family entertainment isn’t it? 😉 Have you heard the latest? Now they want to be called by their letters WWE rather than “World WRESTLING ….” because they think leaving “wrestling” out of the name gives them a more positive image.

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