Your ad here (no, not really)

Convenient reminder or spot advertising? (Photo: Huffygirl)

I’m looking at a sticker on my furnace duct placed there by the man who cleaned it. It gives the name of the company, the name of the person who did the cleaning, the date and phone number. Convenient reminder or spot advertising? I didn’t ask Chris from Dirty Ducts Are Us to place a big sticky sticker on my furnace duct, nor did I give him permission.For some reason an image of dogs marking their territory springs to mind.

There’s a sticker on my furnace too, from the company that serviced it. And on my car windshield from the oil change place. Ditto on my water heater,  lawn mower and garage door opener. I wouldn’t be surprised if I left the hair salon tomorrow with one slapped on the back of my neck. At your next colonoscopy – a discrete, tasteful  label pressed on  your bottom, proclaiming “Your colonoscopy brought to you by Dr. No. See you in 5 years.”

Advertising – it’s everywhere. Why? Because we have gone from a country whose economy is based on making things, to one that’s based on

(Image courtesy of Google)

 selling things. We are indeed the great infidel of retail. Without advertising, our economy would fail. It’s even more important now in such a tight, recessed economy with unemployed and underemployed folks guarding their money and purchase decisions carefully. Everyone has to get their two cents out, their product advertised, and those little stickers are either a great, inexpensive way to do it, or a curse of in your face advertising, depending upon your outlook.

What do you think? Is micro advertising clever, annoying, or so last year that you don’t even see it?

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10 thoughts on “Your ad here (no, not really)

  1. Huh, I never thought of stickers on my oil burner as advertising. In any case, I don’t even notice them. I don’t think I notice much advertising. And when I do, I can never figure out what the heck they’re selling. I tend to remember a clever TV commercial but not what product is featured. I’d say that’s more a problem with the advertising than with my powers of observation.

  2. I’m going to say so last year I don’t even see it. It is very easy for me to ignore the “micro advertising” that goes on every little thing.

    • I’m getting that way too. I used to hate the sticky note micro ads on the front of the newspaper. Now I just peel them off and crumple them up so I can see what’s on the page underneath. Guess they’re not really doing their job then.

  3. Great point! This reminds me of my trip to the ER in December. Believe it or not, the band-aids they stuck on me after drawing blood, had the name and phone number of the hospital on them……. just in case I did not know what hospital I was laying in at the time!……

  4. I don’t mind this kind of “advertising”. If you liked the work they did it’s a reminder who to call next time. If you didn’t like the work then it is a reminder who not to call. As far as the stickers on the car windsheild, it helps to know when to have the car served next.

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