I’ll take mine Freshly Pressed if you please: Thanks WordPress

Freshly Pressed 2-2-11

Fame is fun, but fleeting. For a little less than a day, I got to experience the exhilaration of being Freshly Pressed, that is, my blog was picked as one of many for the week to be featured on the WordPress home page. But hey, out of 390,600+ bloggers, quite an honor and not a bad gig.  My featured blog was HuffyHow: Birdy Buffet, a blog I wrote about bird feeding, with photos I took of my backyard birds. https://huffygirl.wordpress.com/2011/01/27/huffyhow-birdy-buffet/ 

I got to read comments from a bunch of great readers and fellow bloggers. Many have their own blogs about birds, nature, wildlife and the like, with

My lead birdy in "Birdy Buffet." (Photo: Huffygirl)

interesting photos and advice on all things nature. I heard from folks in the UK, Australia, Germany, United States, Canada, and even someone with the very cool name of Beau ( if that is your REAL name.)  🙂  It was great to expand my world view and  to hear about experiences in other countries. And that is really what blogging is all about. Although we bloggers tend to be somewhat egocentric, encouraging everyone to read our blogs (which of course we think are the best), promoting our blogs and hoping that our blogs too will be Freshly Pressed, blogging is really not just about us. It’s about opening our minds to hear what others have to say, to learn of other’s experiences, and to share our experiences too,  thus in some small way making the world a better and maybe a smaller and friendlier place, one blog at a time. So thanks WordPress. Thanks for letting me and other bloggers do what we do best. For me it’s to make someone laugh, cry, think, learn, among the community of fellow bloggers.

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14 thoughts on “I’ll take mine Freshly Pressed if you please: Thanks WordPress

  1. I’m with you two, blogging is a wonderful way to connect with others in this mad mad world we live in! Even though it’s high tech, the irony is that blogging depends upon a most basic human need; community.

    • Well put. Judging by the number of blogs out there (over 300,000 just on WP alone) I think our world is looking and longing for community. With fractured families, a global workplace and the loss of traditional bastians of community, the web has indeed become the new one.

  2. Congratulations to your blog being Freshly Pressed, Donna! And thanks for the congrats on my Garden Muse site being Freshly Pressed, too. It was fun being “queen (blogger) for a day,” wasn’t it? My regular blog (http://www.cindydyer.wordpress) has over 220,000 hits. The Garden Muse blog, which got Freshly Pressed, got abut 1600 hits in 1.5 days! I was average less than 30 hits a day on that blog until that big day. How many hits did you get as a result of being Freshly Pressed? Again, congrats!—-and I’m enjoying your blog, too.


    • Thanks. My FP’d blog last week got about 2,461 views over 2 days. In November my post “Funny you don’t look a day over…” https://huffygirl.wordpress.com/2010/11/02/funny-you-dont-look-a-day-over/ was also Freshly Pressed and got about 3,000+ views over 2 days. I appreciate Freshly Pressed because it brings to light many blogs that I would never know about otherwise, and helps bloggers like me who started small get noticed. I appreciate all the readers and comments I get because of it – I’ve met some great new readers.

      I enjoyed your pictures – they’re like a breath of spring in wintertime. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Yeah for you! Not just for your Freshly Pressed day, but for all the fun you are having blogging and all the smiles you bring to people like me. You are a gem. And I hear STYLISH to boot! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the comment on the blog. I thought I’d repay the kindness and have a dig around here. I’ve only glanced over a couple of posts but I love your humour and style of writing, if you love it keep doing it, if that brings in more readers then that’s just a bonus too I guess. Although as you say it’s always interesting to hear other people opinions on your own thoughts and coming from those we don’t know they are sometimes more meaningful.

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