Ta da!

Huffygirl's desk after (Photo by Huffygirl)

Well, in the new year’s resolution department, I’ve got the first one down. I managed to clean my desk. Now the hard part will be keeping it that way. But hey, any small success is progress. The problem is, in cleaning the desk, I found a few things that were buried before, and now need attention. So I’ve got  a bigger “to do” pile, and I can’t put it back on the desk to do, or I’ll have to clean the desk again. So much for new year’s resolutions. I hope you are having success with yours. 

(In case you’re wondering, the framed picture above the desk is Stanley Bridge, in Prince Edward Island, Canada; the mustard jar is from an old-fashioned pub in Limerick, Ireland; and the phone in the left-hand corner is what all people used to use before cell phones were invented.)

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