Manicure please!

Along with all the other new year’s resolutions I’ve made this year is one more resolution for self-improvement. This one may seem silly and superficial, but it’s – to pay more attention to my nails, that is make an effort to do manicures. But let me explain. It’s not that I don’t take care of my fingernails, I do.  They’re clean, very short and get trimmed and filed once or twice a week. But they’re plain and utilitarian-looking, often with ragged-looking  cuticles and peeling, cracked skin around the nails from hand-washing, hand-sanitizer and cold weather.  Although I like to have nice-looking, polished nails, most of the time this doesn’t happen. This was brought home to me a couple of weeks ago when I wore nail polish to work and EVERYONE noticed. For most women nail polish is part of their daily look, so it’s pretty sad when I do it so seldom that it becomes an event. 

So why is this so hard? Get over it and get a manicure you might say. I used to go to the quickie nail salons, the ones you see in every single strip mall. But then I quit after hearing a lecture on nail fungus and discovering that quickie nail salons may have less than hygienic practices.  And it just takes too long to make an appointment, go to a good salon and get a manicure.

So I’m trying it on my own – a home manicure once a week. I’ve gone two weeks in a row now. We’ll see how long this lasts. If I make it until gardening season I’ll feel it was a success.

How do you keep your nails looking nice and neat, and maybe even polished? Any tips on how to get polish to dry quickly and keep it from getting marred or smeared? I’m such a klutz, I need all the help I can get! 

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5 thoughts on “Manicure please!

  1. Okay, I polish every week…maybe skip one or two a year. I make it a ‘little event’ so try this out. The key is you have to commit to sitting while they dry or you’ll smear them so just plan it out.

    I make sure I’ve thrown in a load of laundry or done the dishes or whatever the thing is that may tempt you to get up and ruin the polish before you start. Then get a small snack and a drink, and a good book or t.v. show prepared…sit and do the nails, once the polish is on you have the snack and enjoy the book or show all while letting them dry. Peaceful time, polished nails, a snack, and some enjoyment…how can you not make time for that once a week?

    (don’t choose any snack that is messy on the fingers!)

  2. I have some sort of fine motion skills disability. I have yet to apply nail polish without getting it all over my fingers, or missing major spots. Clean and short is my manicure.

      • One trick I’ve discovered in the three weeks of trying this is that new polish dries quicker and better than old. It seems wasteful to throw away polish, but for the aggravation it casuses, I’ll probably get rid of any bottle once it starts to take longer to dry.

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