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Traditional Christmas tree

Everyone has their own Christmas and other holiday traditions. Some of ours have lasted a lifetime. We’re sticking with a “real” Christmas tree, and turkey on Thanksgiving. Others have come and gone with changes as our family grew up. We no longer have a big crowd of relatives on Christmas day, but the freedom from cooking for a  big crowd gave way to the new tradition of having a relaxing day that ends with going to a movie. And if we can’t have the family with us, Skype is the next best thing for making us feel like we’re together. This year we’re trying a couple new ones. We thought having chili and corn bread as a new tradition for Christmas eve dinner was a keeper. Still undecided about the new one of cooking a standing rib roast for Christmas day dinner. Maybe if we can find a way to do it without messing up the entire oven. Otherwise, that one may have to go.

What are your family holiday traditions? What works, what has had to change with time? What new traditions are you trying out this year?

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6 thoughts on “Tradition

  1. Growing up we use to have a huge, I mean a huge family get together. Either the same place each year or we would alternate homes.
    But as everyone got older and began having their own children, things changed. A lot of family members moved away to different states, and no one wants to have to cook for so many hours or clean up.

    I do miss the old days, but then again I dont have to try and avoid those family members or family friends that gets on my nerves. LOL

    My new tradition is to find out which family member is going to be hosting Christmas, and then take my family over there for dinner and a good time.

    I saved myself and kids from having to clean up any possible mess, and me being stressed out about cooking for soooooo long.

    I Love my new tradition, my family (mom, sister, brother, etc.) know every year what to expect.

  2. I also skyped family members to say hi, and its better than talking on the phone. Skype is good, but you should try OOVOO.

  3. Old traditions – a Christmas Eve dinner of appetizer foods, and where each decoration goes in the house. Still do turkey on Christmas day too.

    New traditions – opening gifts on Christmas Eve and sleeping in Christmas morning. Decorating a tree outside in addition to the one inside. Never could make the time for this when the kids were small. 🙂

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