I don’t bake Christmas cookies

Not my cookies

Okay, I’m THAT person. The one who does not bake Christmas cookies. It’s not that I don’t bake, because I do. It’s just that I’m not any good at baking cute, decorative cookies. My cookies are all gobs of dough flopped down on a cookie sheet. They taste great (if the rate at which they disappear is any indicator,) but they don’t look like anything special.

I used to at least make an attempt to bake Christmas cookies, by taking the ordinary cookies I usually make and adding red and green to them. You know – sprinkle red and green sugar on top of the Snickerdoodles and they instantly become

Mine are more like this

Christmas Snickerdoodles. Or put red and green M & Ms in the chocolate chip cookies instead of chocolate chips, and voila – Christmas cookies.  I figure red and green sugar and M & Ms were invented just for people like me – the Christmas baking impaired. But they never really looked all that great and nobody was fooled – they technically were not Christmas cookies.

So then I created a better plan to make people think that I baked Christmas cookies, which involves large quantities of  red jam and powdered sugar. You know, red for Christmas, and powdered sugar for snow of course. What’s not Christmasy about that? Here was my plan. Two days before Christmas when I started

Mine are NEVER like this

to feel inadequate because there were no actual Christmas cookies in my house, my cookie plan escalated to Defcon 2. I’d make almond sandies, which of course are rolled in powdered snow, er sugar. Then a batch of jam thumbprints, with red jam, natch. Then the pièce de résistance – I would arrange this assortment on a CHRISTMAS PLATE, add some fudge, which everyone knows is a Christmas food, and there I’d have it – Christmas cookies. The white, the red, the festive plate, everyone was fooled into thinking I was a Christmas cookie baker after all.

What about your Christmas baking experiences? Are you one of those people who starts at Thanksgiving, baking ten different kinds of Christmas cookies, each one more complex than the previous? Or do you buy the big bag of red and green sprinkled cookies at

And certainly never ever like this

Sam’s Club? Or are you THAT person – the one who makes the elaborate ginger bread village with mansions, shopping malls and Santa’s workshop? Share your comments and photos – after all, they may be the only Christmas cookies that end up in my house this year!

(Cookie photos courtesy of Google. Thanks Google!)


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13 thoughts on “I don’t bake Christmas cookies

  1. I would not call myself a baker, but years ago, I used to go all out, baking at least 7 different kinds of cookies…spritz cookies, apricot/walnut spirals, rugelach, cranberry pinwheels, chocolate sambuca cookies, Mexican wedding cookies, etc. But at the end of all that work, I was never thrilled with the results. Now I don’t bother except for the spritz cookies, which my husband made this year. My family riots if I don’t at least make those.

  2. Well, you certainly fooled me!

    I used to make lots of sugar cookies, but frosting them was a pain, and they never looked anything like the ones in your picture. I have made date-filled cookies for Christmas, because dried fruits seem to be Christmas-y somehow (don’t ask me how). This year, I made molasses ginger cookies and told people at school they were gingerbread. No cute little man that no one could catch–just blobs on a plate.

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  4. Well I make cookies but I don’t decorate them. I let the grandkids do it and then one or more of them sneeze on the batch and nobody wants to eat them. EVERY YEAR somebody sneezes!

  5. I am always in awe of people who bake up a snowstorm this time of year, all beautiful decorated cookies and gingerbread houses. I remember trying one or two with the kids a few times- and what a mess.. nothing pretty to look at. Enjoy! I’m sure your creations taste great!

  6. Im a bit out of practice with my baking but yesterday I made some Christmas cookies, cinnamon with orange icing. I used an American recipe with cups and stick measures instead of grams – confusing, it took ages and they look messy but taste good and wont be around for long! Have a lovely Christmas!

    • Thanks Gilly, Happy Christmas to you. I think it’s amazing that you used an American recipe and it turned out. Any time I’ve come across a recipe in metric, I’ve given up, especially since the oven temp is so confusing for us.

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