Don’t be a crash test dummy

Vince and Larry, US Department of Transportati...

Don't be these guys! (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

A few days ago my husband and I were one car behind a horrible car crash. We watched in disbelief as the accident unfolded before our eyes, helpless to do anything.  We were driving down the interstate at 70+ mph. Little red car  in the left lane sideswiped white mini SUV in the right lane. Red fishtailed, turned around and headed toward the median, where a crash into the divider stopped Red. Red had some front-end damage, but the driver was unharmed. 

Meanwhile, after the sideswipe, White SUV flipped over onto the roof, skidded off the road, flipped again onto the driver’s side, then flipped again to land on the shoulder, upright.  My husband and I pulled over as did the car immediately ahead of us. As we  ran towards the wreck, dialing cell phones frantically, I wondered what we could possibly do to help what must be the horribly injured occupants, without so much as a band-aid in our car.

The first thing I saw was the occupants get out of the car and embrace. It looked like a middle-aged dad and 20-something son. I couldn’t believe that they were able to stand and walk.  There was no blood, no scratches, no apparent injuries. They were dazed, a little shocky, but apparently okay. The front of the car and engine were crumpled, the roof bashed in, the windows broken out, the car totaled. What saved them from serious injury? It wasn’t the air bags, which did not even deploy.  The answer of course is  they were both wearing seat belts.

As I picked through the detritus at the side of the vehicle looking for the dad’s jacket, I marveled at how  widely the contents of the car had been thrown across the grass and road, yet  Dad and Son remained safely inside. Their lives were saved, for Dad to watch Son graduate, get married, and have kids, whom Dad will cuddle and wrestle and marvel at the miracle of their lives.   

Don’t be a crash test dummy – wear your seat belt. (You too dear ML!)

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4 thoughts on “Don’t be a crash test dummy

  1. Wow, your story brought tears to my eyes, and I am so happy that my son automatically puts his seatbelt on as soon as he gets in the car, as do I.

    Thanks for the reminder, glad everyone was miraculously OK.

    • Thanks Zahara. It was definitely a shocking experience to watch; I can’t even imagine how awful it was for the guys in the car. Glad you and your son are seat belt users.

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