Plinky Prompts: Funny, You Don’t Look a Day Over …

What would you do to land a summer job?


Now that I’m at an age where most women DO lie about their age, I don’t. I like to think that I look younger than my actual age (who doesn’t) so why would I lie about it? When people say to me “My goodness you don’t look like you could possibly be ______” it’s much more satisfying than if I had already shaved some years off my age.

The one time I did lie about my age was when I was seventeen and just graduated from high school. I wanted to get a summer job so I would have some money to take to college, but everywhere I looked for a real job that wasn’t babysitting or picking up trash in the park, the employer wanted someone 18 or older. I wasn’t going to turn eighteen until December and I needed money now. After being rejected repeatedly for my age, I finally figured out that I could lie and just SAY I was 18. Either it was way easier to lie about your age back then, or the employer was not very thorough, because I got away with it. I don’t remember having to show ID, or maybe I did but covered up my date of birth with my thumb.

So what was the job I wanted so badly that I lied to get? It was calling people to apply for a Montgomery Ward’s credit cards. It was one of the original telemarketing jobs which was pretty new back then. Was it worth it? I hated every minute of the job, but did earn enough money to take to school, convinced my boyfriend to apply for a Monkey Wards card, and I am to this day exceedingly polite to telemarketers when I tell them I’m not interested.

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105 thoughts on “Plinky Prompts: Funny, You Don’t Look a Day Over …

  1. One thing that I appreciate about my wife is that I’ve never heard her play the “I’m only 29” card.

    I, on the other hand, feel no such compulsion to be truthful about my age. Unfortunately, I usually have to insist upon the age I’ve so far attained. My hair’s leaving but I otherwise have a fairly boyish face.

    PS – Arrived via Freshly Pressed.

  2. I can honestly say…I have never lied about my age. I am sure there were times I wanted to, but I can’t remember a time that I did. I am sure I will at some point though. It is funny though because growing up I always hated people telling me I looked young. Even when I was 26 I hated it. Then I turned 30 and, well, now I live for it. I have done the telemarketing thing and it is really one of the worst jobs. Be nice to telemarketers…just know that they really do not want to bug you…it’s their job…they have to.

    • Thanks for reading. I suspect that those who don’t lie about their age are probably in the minority. I used to get carded until I was about 35 so I can relate. I found out that bringing a couple kids along usually took care of that.

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  4. I don’t remember having, or choosing to lie about my age ever…maybe on some online chat stuff, in the early days of my internet exploration, but nothing more than that…I do get people saying that I look younger than my ID says, even though I have two huge wrinkles (if you can call them that)on my forehead…

  5. I lied about my age one time when I met this guy who I thought was really cute, only he was 20. So I said I was 18, when I was really 17. When he found out he was pissed!! I really thought I was going to win him over with my womanly charms and then my age wouldn’t matter. Fail. There also was a fatal flaw in my plan – I was in high school and needed a date for prom. Only he didn’t know I was in high school, so I couldn’t ask him. LOL. Fun times. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  6. My story is similar to yours. I changed my birth certificate to make me 18 (I was 17) so I could get a part time job. My dad had his birth certificate changed so he could get into this country. So my story wasn’t nearly as precarious as his.

  7. To me, what you did was very courageous because I have some sort of deeply-rooted aversion to calling people who I dont know. At my part-time job, I had to answer calls regaridng sports merchandise so that slightly alleviated my irrational belif.
    As for the age, I’m told I look 15 and behave like a thirty-five year old – paradoxical huh? Good read! 🙂

  8. To get into the 21 clubs, of course! I was old enough to get into the bars, but not the clubs my friends wanted to get into afterwards. I loved dancing and the best places to go dancing back then were the 21 clubs in my town. Sometimes my friends would “loan” me an ID. Sometimes, I would just lie and the bouncer would let me in with my friends. I’m sure he knew I was not 21, because at 18, I had trouble looking older than 15. However, I only did this at a couple of clubs and only when I was with my friends as a group. But it was a fun summer, for sure!

  9. i accidentally lied to someone about my age like 3 months ago. i said i was 1 year older than i was, but i honestly forgot how old i was. i was about 2 months from turning that age, but it was a lie nonetheless.

    • Hmm, if it’s unintentional, is it a lie? I think lying implies that there was intentional deception in order for the liar to achieve some personal gain. Thanks for reading.

  10. Thanks for sharing. I’ve also come to a realization that I’m at an age where people my age lie about their ages too. At one point I was very short of cash (I’m a struggling writer) and someone somehow convinced me that I should try out modelling for quick cash (not that I’m model material). My “agent” had me lie about my age (and I was 25 at that time–which is apparently very old in model years). Some jobs are just very hazardous for your self-esteem.

    I also happen to live in a developing country where jobs which would be reserved to teenage part-timers in developed countries are done full-time to earn a full living by adults. Except you have to start at a young age, and now it’s too late to get a day job as a waiter/shop assistant as a day job to fund my writing because nobody will hire you if you’re over 25. Tough.

    Anyway, on a more positive note, thank you for introducing me to Plinky. I just registered. 🙂

    • You raise an interesting point about jobs in other countries – in America teens expect to get summer jobs, and usually are not taking a job away from an adult. Hope you like Plinky. Thanks for your comments.

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever lied about my age, but I did sneak in to an R-rated movie when I was 16. I felt so accomplished. Now it all seems rather silly.

  12. I used to get carded for rated R movies when I was like 27 or 28, so lying about my age was really hard. But when I got older, it became a bit of an asset…in the opposite direction! I turned 40 this year, but I certainly don’t feel 40! I lied about my age just a couple of months ago just to see what this young guy, whom I was meeting for the first time at a get-together, would say. I said I was 32 first. He didn’t blink. Then when it came up again, I said 36. He looked at me like, “what? You’re not 36! You said you were 32! Are you actually 36?” And I promptly said, “No. I’m 40!” I thought his eyeballs were gonna pop out of his head! Ha! It was just for fun…a great experiment to play. Try it on some young fella next time you get a chance and see what happens! Loads of fun!! 😉

    P.S. Congrats on FP!

  13. I can honestly say I never lied about my age, but I usually get the “you look older” remark. I guess as a guy it’s not really destructive as it would be to a woman lol.

    Out of curiosity, didn’t they check your details when taxes were deducted? In the UK you wouldn’t be able to get away with it with all the checks and stuff.

  14. Wow… I feel completely uninteresting! I’ve never lied about my age. I’ve had people not believe me since I started going grey at 16. Even now, at 27, my grey streak on my temple is filling in nicely. I love it, but apparently the fact that I have grey hair makes me MUCH older than I actually am. I love my grey hair, though!

  15. I have never lied about my age, because I never felt the need to. I went to the grocery store the other day to buy food and lotto. The women wanted to see my ID before she would let me buy the lotto. I thought that was a compliment, and I smiling on the inside.

  16. Interesting! I actually just blogged about telemarketers myself if you’d care to take a look…forced myself to actually stay on the phone and be polite with a very persistent one, at that!

  17. When I was 15, I worked at a job where you had to be 18 and up–my friend’s mom helped me and all of my friends get fake IDs from a local check-cashing place (we were working for her under the table for less than mimimum wage–but we had a little extra in our pockets so it was worth it!) I used to hate being told I look young, but like you said now I relish it and am very satisfied with my big reveal: “17? Stop, I’m 24!” This will serve me well when I’m 30 ^_^

  18. Very nice blog and it is funny how relative age IS! How as we get older any deletion of age by others makes us feel so good, really why who cares, it’s just a stupid number but if taken for younger than you are you feel so Good! Maybe someday we’ll get over it. My Grandmother lived to and as she got older, she loved to tell people how old she was, it was her badge of honor, as she had all “her cookies”, bright as a tack, and looked good for her age. I want to do that too, just not quite yet…

  19. I dig your philosophy about not lying for the longterm benefits. I was never able to lie about my age because I looked like I was 15 all the way through college. I was lucky to convince people I was old enough to teach! Matter of fact, I wrote about the jobs we have recently ( Congrats on FP!

  20. Also did telemarketing during summers when I was in college. I also try to be polite when I tell them I’m not interested. Scarred me for life!

  21. I’ve never lied about my age (though I often forget it…) but I love my grandparents’ story.

    When they met, my grandfather was enlisted and my granmother told him she was sixteen. It was cool to go on dates with the soldiers because they had more money than the local boys.

    Grandad went overseas for two years, but they wrote and he (sort of) asked her to marry him when he got back.

    She was still sixteen.

    He didn’t find out until she had to have her parents sign the paperwork at the courthouse.

  22. My story is a little bit similar to yours.
    I am the youngest in my class (I am 12) and everyone except me was on Facebook. I lied to Facebook that I was 13.

  23. hmm… I’ve never had to LIE about my age, but I’ve also never corrected anyone either.
    One time in particular, was when I was out for a friends 23rd birthday. I had barely turned 18, and the crowd we were with was a good mix of people ages ranged from 17-30. But anyways, one of the men that were celebrating with us started up a conversation; he went to the bar, got drinks, and when he brought them back to our table, I was shocked! I simply denied and told him I wasn’t drinking because I was driving that evening (which, wasn’t a lie, but wasn’t the ENTIRE truth, either.) And he accepted that. We exchanged phone numbers at the end of the night, and it wasn’t until the next day when he called that I told him my age. He didn’t mind, and appreciated the honesty; we dated for a long while, and after, remained friends.
    So, while I look older than I really am, I’ve never felt the need to lie about my age; I simply just don’t correct the age suggestion either. 🙂

    • Ooh, a little harsh on the telemarketers. Although most of us hate fielding those telemarketer calls, the folks who do that job are trying to earn an honest living. They’re not living off the the government or sitting in front of the TV while the rest of us are working. For whatever reason, that’s the job they have to support their family, and I think we should not make their lives more miserable for taking out our dislike of telemarketer calls on the messenger.

  24. for all you younger girls….when you are over 50 you seriously dont lie you just intentionally forget how old you are!! i shave a few years off every now and then and people actually tell me i look great at my bogus age!! it works for me!!

  25. Too cute! See, I would do the opposite. I lied about my age when I was 16 because people were always saying how “developed” young girls were these days. I would always reply, “I’m 12” when people asked my age. It was funny, they always had a shocked face. Sometimes it’s fun to just sayyy you’re a certain age, but I will never lie and say I’m younger because I’m ashamed of my age. ^_^ Age shows wisdom. 😉

  26. I got tired of people asking me about alcoholic beverages while I was waiting tables. I don’t mind answering questions, but I wasn’t old enough to drink and therefore had not personally tasted anything. Everyone seemed to get upset that I couldn’t personally recommend a drink, so I asked the other servers who HAD tasted them about how I should describe the drinks. I just started lying about how they tasted, which is implicitly lying about my age. On occasion I’d get a, “Are you even old enough to drink?” to which I replied, “Of course,” and THAT was definitely a lie.

    Came across your blog on the WP front page, and have read a few entries. I like what you have, keep writing!

  27. I was a party over the summer and the guy who invited us (a friend who is 3 years younger than me) went around telling everyone I was 19 (I am, in fact, 24!) so that I would ‘blend in’ better with his friends.

    I was not impressed as didn’t care if they thought I was an old fart or not- sure I was still drinking the lil dweebs under the table!

    • Interesting that your friend seemed to be afraid of being associated with an older woman, especially since there was not that much difference in your ages. Thanks for reading.

  28. i don think people shoudl lie about there age…
    its a sign that you don tlike your self. learn to like your self, or say you would rather not say your age. its the way of life. You will always get older not younger.

    • As many have commented, people who lie about their age often do so towards a specific end, which is different from those who carry on an ongoing ruse about their age. Thanks for reading.

  29. When I was 15, I moved to a new school. I don’t know why I did this, but I convinced a bunch of the kids that I was 17. I think it was just a test for myself to see whether I was capable of lying. There was really no benefit for it and I don’t think the lie lasted very long, because I’m a terrible liar.

    Today at the age of 27, I’m constantly asked for my ID.

  30. OMGoodness!!! I thought it was just me! As I crept closer to 40, I knew I couldn’t pass for 30 anymore. I started telling people, I was in my 40’s ( I would be very vague and make references to the 1967 riots, to throw people off). I hated feeling like I should dread turning 40 and I wanted to take all the power away from the people (a few years younger than myself) who LOVE to remind you that you are “almost 40”. I know I don’t look older than 40,so now the surprised look on peoples face when I say, “Oh, i’m in my 40’s”, is the blood that feeds my inner vanity vampire.

  31. My goodness, I must have lived a very boring life as I have never lied about (had to lie about) my age. Cute post, enjoyed reading it! :o) I’ve never tried plinkies…

  32. I tell everyone who asks that I’m 59 (I really am). I tell my students on the first day of school. It saves a lot of questions and stupid comments later (we get all the stupid comments over with on the first day).

    • Probably a wise move. I vacillate between coming right out with my age now and playing coy. I hope that when I tell people how old I am they will respond with “…oh you couldn’t possibly be…you don’t look a day over…” But as I get older there’s less liklihood that this will happen – always feels a little iffy now, so probably best to just come clean with it.

  33. I guess I will come to the point of denying my correct age in about 4 years. Gone are the good days we haven’t ever thought about antioxidants or dark spot reducing creams.

  34. Ah, you’re way ahead of me! I worked at a pizza place, and fast food when I was 17. I didn’t get to the telemarketing and call center ‘customer service rep’ until my 20s.

    • You’re lucky then. Did you have to lie about your age to get the pizza gig? Back when I was that age, the small town where I lived did not really have any fast food restaurants, and the pay was so low it was hardly worth it to drive into the city to get that kind of job.

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