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Kickoff in American Football (Lübeck Cougars)

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Coming up just in time for the start of football season – the beginner girl’s guide to understanding football. When I first started watching football, I really didn’t know anything about it. I just tried to watch it with my husband to be polite, to spend some time together. But it turns out that husbands only want you to watch football with them if you already know what you’re watching for. If they have to explain the game, it’s too much work and distracts them from the important task of watching football. So I didn’t last long because I couldn’t  tell: a. who had the ball, b. are they really using a ball? and c. what are they doing with the ball?. It turns out that “keep your eye on the ball” is more than just a pithy expression. If you can’t follow the ball when watching football, you might as well not watch. And although I think it would be really great and helpful if they’d make the ball a bright flourescent color, or highlight it on the TV screen like they used to do for hockey, well, they just don’t. Football is so esoteric, such a man’s man sport that they don’t make it easy for you to see the ball and follow it. If you can’t find the ball yourself, then they basically don’t think you’re worthy of watching their game.

First up – what they do with that pesky ball and more.

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