Suggestions Please!

Lost (TV series)

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The economy is bad. Unemployment is high. People are losing homes and savings. Mr. Obama has not become the messiah that folks were expecting. Turns out, when life is bad, people don’t enjoy reading about things they ought to be doing but are not, like exercising, losing weight, and eating right. Darn! When you write a blog that tries to focus on health and wellness, and the country is unwell, you’re not very popular. So what do blog readers want to read these days? Should I be writing about kittens? (Six-toed cat pulls child from well)  Sports? (MSU coach leads team to victory while having heart attack) TV? (Former Lost fans feel…lost)  You tell me. I will now entertain your suggestions please.

4 thoughts on “Suggestions Please!

  1. I think during bad times, we need t count our blessings, the little ordianry things in everyday life..that we might feel blessed and lucky that despite of having times like these, we may find our life as blessed as compare to others…like for example, we may complain of a small house but there are others who will sleep on the streets,..thing like that… ^_^


  2. I agree with mom that I like your random comments about life. But I have to confess–I just don’t read blogs of any kind very often. I only ever log onto yours because you’re my aunt! 🙂 So, I’m not sure what the masses want. What is your goal in blogging–do you have a target audience in mind?

    • Thank you kind niece – so glad I get aunt privledges. My original focus in blogging was to offer suggestions in health and wellness, but I enjoy writing satire and comments about life and those seem to appeal more to readers.

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