Plinky Prompts: Duck Down

Sara ran, hair flying behind her. Her breath came out in heavy gasps. The pounding of her footsteps was echoed by her pounding heart. Her chest burned, she wanted to stop, but didn’t dare. The scene she had just witnessed played out over and over in her head as she ran. Glimpses of men through the trees, guns drawn. Furtive glances. Two, three, maybe four men ducking behind trees and bushes. Then the shooting had started. Sara watched in horror. It felt like she was surrounded. Men shouting, voices coming at her from all sides. Then, she was hit. She felt the impact, saw the red splatter onto her bare legs and socks. It couldn’t be serious, because she was able to get up and run, but she had been afraid to look. She clutched her side as she ran, saw a bit of the redness oozing between her fingers. Better not stop. Better keep running, get as far away as she could. Sara promised herself – no more short cuts through the paint ball park.

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(This is a short story assignment I wrote for Plinky Prompts. The assignment was: write a short story in 200 words as quickly as you can.)

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