American’s Love Affair With Food

Americans love food. That’s obvious isn’t it. We have fast food restaurants on corners, in strip malls, university campus buildings, indoor malls and in front of big box stores. We have full service restaurants, diners, delis, cafes, and drive-through restaurants. Gas stations, establishments that once sold gas, are now called “food marts” or “convenience stores” and sell hot dogs, hamburgers, doughnuts, and packaged foods in addition to gas and cigarettes. In most American towns and cities, remote areas excluded, there is no shortage of places to buy food.

So what’s wrong with that you might ask? On one hand, nothing. Our bodies need food to survive. We need carbohydrates, proteins, and even fats for our bodies to rebuild cells, keep bones strong and function in our every day capacity. And we need the right balance of all three to make everything work right. We get sleepy and sluggish if we don’t eat carbs, our kidneys get overworked if all we eat are proteins.

What’s wrong with food is not so much that a lot is available. It’s that we are often bombarded with the wrong kinds of food, or the wrong amounts, or at the wrong times. We’re given way too many opportunities throughout the day to buy food when we really don’t need it. Most people need three small meals, and one or two snacks. We don’t need to eat late at night, or every time we buy gas, or on the way to work. We don’t need food to eat before meals (aka appetizers – food you eat that makes you more hungry). We don’t need alcohol or soda (although to have them occasionally is fine for most people.) The food that is readily available tends to be high in fat and sugar. It tastes good and makes us feel good, but in excess, is not good for us.

Next: What happens to our bodies when we eat high fat and high sugar foods? We’ll take a look at what David Kessler, former head of the FDA has to say.

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