HuffyHow: Home Exercise Equipment Review

Although I’m not recommending one brand of home exercise equipment over another, I thought readers might appreciate the perspective of someone who has tried a home exercise video. Please welcome guest blogger Chris Barry to Huffygirl’s Blog.­ 


Chris Barry


 Okay, I’ll admit that when I saw the Tony Horton’s 10-Minute Trainer infomercial at 3 AM, I was as skeptical as probably every other bleary-eyed insomniac watching infomercials in the middle of the night. But desperate times called for desperate measures. So one night, I whipped out the credit card and made a late-night eBay purchase of Tony Horton’s 10-Minute Trainer. 

 Up through my late 20’s, I’d kept in pretty good shape by running three or four miles and lifting weights three or four times per week. But when I reached the big 3-0, my metabolism informed me (via email as I recall) that it was going to work part-time. Shortly thereafter, my childhood asthma returned, my daughter was born, and my wife went back to school full-time to finish her MBA. I found myself working all day, taking care of my daughter at night, and stealing a few hours of sleep in between watching infomercials while holding a screaming baby. My once fairly fit body now hovered around 144 pounds. And when you’re 5’5 ½” on a good day, every pound counts. 

 My expectations when I purchased the 10-Minute Trainer were pretty low. I wanted a way to fit in some exercise around my daughter’s sleeping schedule and get back under 140 pounds. Luckily, the product far exceeded my expectations. 

 The original 10-minute trainer basically consists of a resistance band and five workouts on DVD—Total Body, Cardio, Lower Body, Abs, and Yoga Flex. They also advertise a diet plan, but it’s sort of weak. And frankly, if you’re spending the 80 bucks for a diet plan, you’re making the wrong decision. Save your money, go online, and buy a $12 cookbook. 

 I still remember putting in that first DVD and thinking I’d “do a little cardio” workout. Ten minutes later I was gasping for breath on the couch. See, the magic of these ten minute workouts is that they’re super-intense. In every exercise, you’re working multiple muscle groups AND doing cardio. I’ll admit, I struggled at first just to get through the workouts (though as previously noted, I was kind of slob) but I committed to doing each workout every week. After two weeks, I saw a noticeable difference. One day I was changing my shirt after a workout and my wife noted, “You’re looking slim and trim!” Score one for Tony, and for me. 😉 

 Four months later, I was feeling great. My pants were falling off, so I had to buy 31” jeans, which I’ve never purchased before. And I would take my shirt off at random times for no reason. The best surprise though happened when I went to the doctor, stepped on the scale, and was officially charted at 130 pounds—a number I hadn’t hit since I was 24. 

 Since then, I’ll admit I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times. The workouts do get repetitive and Tony is a little cheesy, but Beachbody recently released a deluxe version with nine new workouts that helped me get back on track. These days, I hover around 132 pounds, I pocket my $38 gym membership every month, and I don’t have to watch sweaty old men walk around naked at the gym. Score one for Tony, and for me. 

 Chris Barry is a marketing professional and sometimes freelance writer who lives with his beautiful wife and daughter in Chicago.  

Disclosure: Huffygirl, Huffygirl’s Blog and Chris Barry have no association with Tony Horton and his exercise series, and do not receive any benefits from recommending this product.

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