HuffyHow: Home Exercise Equipment Wrap-up

Once you’ve decided that home exercise is for you, how do you put it all together to make it work? Here’s a few options to consider.

Minimal space and minimal budget? Consider the no to minimal equipment option. Plan to walk, run or bike outside for your cardio workout, and use a cardio video like step aerobics for bad weather days. Add resistance training with a graduated set of resistance bands on alternate days. Aim for cardio three days a week, alternating with strength three days, and give yourself a rest day one day a week.

Moderate space and moderate budget? Consider a basic weight bench with a chest press bar and quad press. Add an exercise ball for core body strengthening and stretching. Run/walk/bike outdoors for cardio, and add two cardio workout videos to alternate on bad weather days. For variety add a cardio with weights video – some come with resistance bands, or you can use the bar and plates from your weight bench. Look for used items or online bargains to stretch your fitness dollars.

Lots of space and money is no object? Set up a small home gym in your spacious area. You’ll probably need an extra bedroom or a basement room that is clean, dry and well-lit. For cardio, set up a treadmill, elliptical trainer, or bike on a trainer, with a TV or DVD player to stave off boredom. Finish out your gym with a comfy yoga mat ,exercise ball, set of bands and weight bench, or go all out and get the multi-exercise resistance machine such as Bowflex.

Minimal space and moderate budget? Buy one of the higher-priced workout video series, such as Tony Horton or the like. Alternate use with outdoor cardio workouts.

Still can’t decide? Get a trial gym membership or a one-time work-out with a personal trainer to help you set your exercises goals and decide on what equipment you like.


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