HuffyHow: Home Exercise Equipment

If you decide you want to exercise, but it’s not practical for you to get to a gym, then the next step is deciding what kind of equipment you need at home to get the exercise you want. Whatever you decide needs to be a workable solution for you. There is no point acquiring equipment that you don’t like or does not suit your needs or interests, no matter how wonderful it is. It will end up taking up space in your basement and wasting your money. The next few weeks we’ll look at practical options for home exercise, and how to choose equipment that’s right for you.

First, think about what exercise you want to do. Most people who are healthy enough to exercise vigorously will need a combination of aerobic or cardio exercise, and strength training.  The cardio exercise burns calories and keeps your cardiovascular system fit; the strength training tones and builds muscles.

Later we’ll talk about equipment for both kinds of exercise.


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