Target Heart Rate Diaries: Part Two

So I’ve taken the plunge. I’ve got the heart rate monitor and have it all ready to go. This will be the answer to improving my cardiovascular fitness. All I have to do is plug my target heart rate zone into the monitor, slap it on and stay within my zone while I exercise. Simple. Or not.

I’ve figured out my THR a couple different ways, using some of the methods from the web sites I’ve cited earlier. Using the basic age calculation plus fitness level, I get a range of 98 to 131.

This seems a little low, so I try another way. I found another calculator that uses age, plus fitness level, plus adjusts the baseline number for females, and I get 109 to 146.

This still seem a little low on the low end, but the higher end sounds better.

Then I try the Karvonen formula and get a range of 130-147.   Hmm. Now the bottom of the range seems too high.

Then I find a mystery web site (which I’ve not been able to find since) that calculates by some unknown method, and gives me a range of 126-152. The plot thickens.

Then, I let my HRM calculate the range for me using what it calls the OwnZone feature, and get a number of 119-139.

So, which one should I use. I decide that I’m pretty fit, so I throw out the numbers under 110. I decide I’ll try working in a range of 130-145, which according to the Karvonen formula and the mystery web site, should put me in the 60-70% of my THR range.

I’ll let you know how it went.


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